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City of Hutchinson
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Water, Wastewater, Garbage & Storm Water Billing

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Each month, the City of Hutchinson invoices residents for water, wastewater, garbage, and storm water services. Please refer to the tables below for monthly charges.

2015 Monthly Rates
Per ordinance 04-0399
Approved 12/14/2007

Water Rates


2015 Rate

Base Charge
Water Service Repair


Per water meter - base charge
Per water meter - base charge

to 150,000 gallons per month
to 151,001 to 3,000,000 gallons per month
Over 3,000,000 gallons per month




Classifications are determined annually based upon usages recorded over previous year

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Sewer Charges


2015 Rate

Base Charge

Load Charges

S Solids

per connection
Category A  Base upon daily average of Jan. & Feb. water usage
Category B  Base upon daily average of Jan. & Feb. water usage

Greater than 140 mg/l
Greater than 50 mg/l
Greater than 310 mg/l
Greater than 6 mg/l




Line Image

Garbage Rate - Monthly

(Tax 9.75% on charges for garbage excludes County tax)

Container Size

Standard Service - Monthly Rate
With Weekly Valet Service

30 Gallon


60 Gallon


90 Gallon


Every Other Week Std Service
Every Other Week Valet Service


Senior Citizens Rate & Disabled
With income qualifications

Senior Citizen Reduced Rate
Senior Citizen Reduced Rate With Valet
Senior Citizen Reduced Rate With Bi Weekly Valet



Line Image

Storm Water Rates

2015 Rate


1 Golf Course, Park, Open Space
2 Single-Family and Duplex Residential
3 Public & Private School & Institution
4 Multiple Family Residential & Church
5 Commercial Industrial


Per acre/mth
Per unit/mth
Per acre/mth
Per acre/mth
Per acre/mth





Single-Family and Duplex Residential Lots over 1 acre  
2A   1 acre to 2 acres
2B   2 acres to 3 acres
2C   3 acres to 4 acres
2D   4 acres to 5 acres

2E   Lots over 5 acres (individually computed)

Inquire about rates

Acrobat Reader File Storm Water Utility Ordinance and Policy Storm Water Utility Ordinance and Policy

Line Image

The following situations require contacting the billing department at 234-5672

  • If you are planning to move, please call to schedule a final water reading and to change your billing information.
  • If you need a larger or smaller garbage container, please call to request a different bin. There is a $10 charge for changing the size.
  • Contact the billing department with recycling questions.

    Click the following link for an Acrobat Reader File Application for Reduced Garbage Rates Application for Reduced Garbage Rates (income based and available to persons at least 65 years of age or persons on disability [as defined by the Social Security Administration])
    The City of Hutchinson also provides Organic Compost and Recycling Pickup. Compost questions should be referred to Creek Side (320-587-6762)


    Missed pickup of garbage, recycling or compost bins please call
    Waste Management at 1-800-450-9378










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