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City of Hutchinson
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City Code

Codification of city ordinances is a tool used to:

  • Evaluate the condition of the ordinances
  • Check for proper cross references
  • Organize and index
  • Evaluate for consistency
  • Review for compliance with state and federal law
  • Insure that they are up to date and complete
  • A city code helps a city to operate efficiently and effectively. Codification groups ordinances by subject to eliminate the need to sort through stacks of ordinances organized chronologically.

    The Code of Ordinances is now available online! Click on the link below to go to the American Legal Publishing web site to view the code.

    City of Hutchinson Code of Ordinances



    City Charter

    Minnesota has two basic types of cities: home rule charter cities and statutory cities. Hutchinson is a home rule charter city, which adopts its power from a home rule charter. Charter cities have the authority to exercise powers adopted in their locally adopted charter as long as it does not conflict with state law. Charter provisions can also restrict specific powers of a city, and therefore voters in a home rule city have more control over their city’s power.

    Acrobat Reader File City Charter for City of Hutchinson, Minnesota City Charter for City of Hutchinson, Minnesota

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