Mosquito Spraying


Watch for an update in April, 2016


City of Hutchinson Prepares for 2015 Mosquito Season

The following are proposed dates for treatments. Treatments are proposed for Wednesday nights, if weather permits. Tuesday nights will be the standard alternate. Treatments may be extended beyond these dates, if deemed necessary by the City.

2015 ~ Truck ULV Treatments ~ Tentative dates

All dates are subject to change without notice

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Larvae Control

Adult Mosquito Control

Population Monitoring

Public Education

Altosid XR Briquets Label 127.54 KB downloads


Altosid XR Briquets SDS 80.57 KB downloads



Biomist 4+4 ULV Label 53.58 KB downloads


Biomist 4+4 ULV SDS 83.77 KB downloads



Flit 10EC Insecticide Label 52.64 KB downloads


Flit 10EC Insecticide SDS 88.47 KB downloads



View the following web sites for additional information

Clarke Mosquito Control

MMCD – Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

US Environmental Protection Agency Mosquito Control