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  City of Hutchinson Prepares for 2015 Mosquito Season

Larval Control ~ Completed around May 4, 2015

Light Traps ~ Set up around May 24, 2015

The focus of the adulticide program will again be to minimize active adult mosquitoes. As trucks move about the neighborhoods using ultra-low volume sprayers mounted in the back, a light visible fog will move through the area.  The fog will not cause visibility problems.  Common-sense precautions should be taken, including keeping away from the spray vehicles and out of the fog cloud. The majority of the spraying will be done from dusk to midnight or early morning before dawn.

The following dates are proposed dates of treatment. Treatments are proposed for Wednesdayy nights, if weather permits. Tuesday nights will be the standard alternate. Treatments may be extended if deemed necessary by City Officials.

2015 ~ Truck ULV Treatments ~ Tentative dates

June 3
June 10
June 17
June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 29

All dates are subject to change without notice.

The product being used is the Acrobat Reader File Biomist 4+4 Biomist 4+4. This Permetherin based product is extremely safe, yet very effective against mosquitoes and gnats. This product has quick knockdown, low odor, and is non-corrosive.

This product is registered by the EPA and Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Even though we have selected some of the safest products for this use, common sense dictates that general precautions should taken when using any pesticide. The City of Hutchinson and Clarke Mosquito Control want to have a safe and effective mosquito control program this year. Using trained personnel to handle the equipment and insecticides is of utmost importance. The City and Clarke Mosquito Control are encouraging your support and cooperation in their efforts.

In addition to this program, you can do several things to reduce local mosquito populations.

  • Eliminate trash, tires, and containers that may hold water and create breeding sites for mosquitoes.
  • Store boats covered or upside down.
  • Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week and store them inside when they are not used.
  • Keep rain gutters and down spouts in good repair. Make sure no water remains in them after a rain.
  • Fill depressions in the lawn that hold water.
  • Keep clean water in pet water bowls, bird baths, plant saucers and trays.
  • Store pails, barrels, tubs, boats, wheel barrows, etc., upside down.
  • Keep shrubs, lawns, and weeds trimmed to eliminate shady places for mosquitoes to rest during hot daylight hours.
  • Keep screens intact and tight-fitting to prevent insects from entering your house.
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    Label, MSDS and Other Information

    Acrobat Reader File Biomist 4+4 ULV LabelBiomist 4+4 ULV Label
    Acrobat Reader File Biomist 4+4 ULV MSDSBiomist 4+4 ULV MSDS
    Acrobat Reader File Altosid XR Briquets LabelAltosid XR Briquets Label
    Acrobat Reader File Altosid XR Briquets MSDSAltosid XR Briquets MSDS

    Acrobat Reader File FLIT 10 EC Broad Spectrum Multi-Use Insecticide LabelFLIT 10 EC Broad Spectrum Multi-Use Insecticide Label
    Acrobat Reader File FLIT 10 EC Broad Spectrum Multi-Use Insecticide SDSFLIT 10 EC Broad Spectrum Multi-Use Insecticide SDS

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    View the following web sites for additional information

    Clarke Mosquito Control

    Help in choosing the best solution for Mosquito Control needs.

    MMCD - Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

    Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, St. Paul.

    US Environmental Protection Agency Pesticides: Topical & Chemical Fact Sheets

    Click on the "Controlling Mosquitoes" section for more information from the
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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