Archives for April 2019

Prescribed Burns

The Hutchinson Fire Department will be conducting prescribed burns around the City of Hutchinson Friday April 26th from approximately 9am-4pm.  Conducting these burns on a scheduled basis helps kill off invasive plants/weeds and allows the native Read more

Unauthorized “City” Notices

The Hutchinson Building Department has recently been made aware of multiple fraudulent notices having been posted on residences within the City falsely citing nuisance violations and stating there is an upcoming City Council action against the Read more

Hydrant Flushing Notice

Weather permitting; the City of Hutchinson Water Department will begin its annual fire hydrant flushing during the week of April 22, 2019. Flushing the entire city will take approximately three weeks. Please remember, this schedule may be altered due Read more

City Suspending Alley Services

Warm, wet conditions have made snowplowing of unpaved alleys unfeasible. Any equipment operations would result in significant and costly damage to the alleys.  Due to this, the City of Hutchinson is asking property owners to consider parking on the Read more

Snow Removal

Downtown Snow Removal Warm wet conditions have made downtown snow removal unfeasible.  Removal equipment is ineffective for the saturated snow.  Also, there are not adequate paved areas available suitable for snow storage.  We recognize this Read more

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