Improvement Projects

The City of Hutchinson has many roles in the initiation, development and/or construction of Improvement Projects within the Hutchinson area.


The City’s Engineering Department manages the utility and street construction programs for the City. The following sections describe how projects are selected and assessed, answers frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), lists current and potential future projects, and provides other information.

School Road & Roberts Road Reconstruction Project


Posting – October 17, 2017
Removal/Inapplicable – October 31, 2017

School Road and Roberts Road final paving, restoration and other related activities were recently completed.  Thus, both of these roadways are fully open to traffic and no further travel delays or detours due to this project are anticipated.  Also, the multi-use trail construction has been completed and is open to allowable uses.

Overall, the project construction went very well and was completed ahead of schedule.  Most importantly, City staff would like to THANK the adjacent property owners, residents and traveling public for their patience as this very involved project was delivered.

Thank you!

Assessment/Development Manual

Assessment rates are spread based on state law and City policies and procedures. We have developed an Assessment Policy manual that outlines the general policies and procedures for this effort.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
How long should improvements last?
How is it determined which projects will be completed?
Who is responsible to relocate or replace landscaping or sprinkler systems in the right-of-way or easement?

Project Selection

The City uses many criteria for selecting when and how to complete reconstruction of municipal utility and street improvements. See also the site describing Infrastructure Resource Management to review the data developed and utilized for Project Selection.

They include, but are not limited to:
Pavement Management Program
Sewer and Water System Analysis

Proposed 5-Year CIP (Capital Improvement Plan)

Using the Project Selection criteria above, the City develops a 5-Year CIP outlining the potential projects that may be completed over the next 5-Year period.

The CIP is only a rough plan as to these projects, and should be generally seen as an indicator, or rough proposal, of when a project may be completed.

It is not a guarantee that a project will be done, and does not indicate all projects that may be completed in that time frame. This plan changes dramatically on a year-by-year basis based on financial and political considerations, feasibility, prioritization or other factors. Please contact the Engineering Department if you would like more information regarding a project.