Leaf Vacuum Service

Residential leaf vacuum service is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 10 and will end on Monday, November 20 or when snow arrives.
  • Vacuums may be in your area at other times, but will return on the designated day
  • Please DO rake leaves into neat rows along the edge of the curb,  leaving plenty of room at street corners. Residential services are provided by tractor drawn vacuums, so it’s necessary to leave room for cornering.
  • Please DO NOT rake leaves into the street until the day of your garbage service.
  • Leaves will be vacuumed from your street the day after your recycling & garbage is picked up.

LEAVES ONLY – To make sure the equipment stays running, please don’t rake anything other than leaves onto street curbs.  If items other than leaves are placed, service will not be provided until the items are removed.

Leaf Vacuum Service

For more information:
Contact Public Works at (320) 234-4219,
or send us an email.




Helpful tips include:


  • Please keep children away from the leaf piles.  Do not allow small pets to run free during leaf pickup.  The leaf vacuum is very powerful and to avoid any potential injury it is important to keep children and pets away from the leaf piles.
  • Leaves only!  Brush and other debris will not be picked up.
  • Keep streets free of parked cars so the leaf vacuum can get through.
  • Place leaves in the gutter (on the street directly next to the curb).  A good practice would be to rake leaves close to the edge of the street as you have time during the week, then simply rake them into the gutter right before leaf removal takes place.  Residents of cul-de-sacs can make tidy piles between driveways.
  • Pull leaves back from corner lots.  The machine turns too wide to pick up leaves left on the corner.
  • The leaf vacuum machine will operate every day, rain or shine, until the leaves are gone or snow arrives.  Only during severe weather will operations be suspended.
  • The leaf vacuum removes leaves, then chops and compacts them into a self-contained trailer towed by a tractor.  The chopped, compacted leaves are then recycled at Creekside Soils, the City-owned composting facility.
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