Energy Tree

Energy Tree Planting

What is the Energy Tree Program?

The Energy Tree Program established in 1993 by the Hutchinson Utility Commission is a program that funds the planting of trees on private property for Hutchinson residents in an effort to reduce future energy consumption. Trees can help reduce energy by providing shade from the sun in the summer months and blocking cold northwest winds during the winter months.

The energy tree program has changed for 2021.  Due to
increases in the amount of tree planting from ash removals we have removed the installation
component of the program.  Homeowners will still be able to get 1, 2, or 3 trees for a flat fee
of $15.00 but for 2021, city staff will not be installing them.  Homeowners will still consult with
the arborist on what trees to plant and where but instead of having the trees planted they will
have the tree(s) delivered to their property with mulch, fertilizer, staking materials, planting and
aftercare instructions, and instructions on how to call in a locate for underground utilities. 

How do I get an Energy Tree?

The 2021 energy tree program is now closed.  We will have information on the 2022 program here in the fall of 2021.  

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