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What is the Energy Tree Program?Energy Tree Planting

The Energy Tree Program established in 1993 by the Hutchinson Utility Commission is a program that funds the planting of trees on private property for Hutchinson residents in an effort to reduce future energy consumption. Trees can help reduce energy by providing shade from the sun in the summer months and blocking cold northwest winds during the winter months.

How do I get an Energy Tree?

Receiving Energy Trees on your property is easy.

Download and print the Energy Tree application below and follow the instructions. Applications are accepted as early as January 1st each year. After Memorial Day, applications may no longer be accepted.

Each application costs $15. You can get up to 3 trees planted in your yard per application. After we receive your application a City Forestry representative will meet with you on your property to discuss placement and tree species selection. Once those have been decided we will take care of the planting! Plantings typically occur between June and September.

Note: There are a limited number of applications being accepted for 2019 and the program will be changing for 2020.  We will keep this page updated with details on how to utilize the new program.”

What size of tree will I get?

Trees are between 6-12 feet tall and about 1 inch in trunk diameter

What species of trees are available?

You will select from the trees listed below (some species may not always be available):

Energy tree availability for 2017

(Click on the link below to view more tree information and photos)


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