Billing – Water, Wastewater, Garbage & Storm Water

Each month, the City of Hutchinson invoices residents for water, wastewater, garbage, and storm water services. Please refer below for monthly charges.


2019 Monthly Rates

Per ordinance 04-0399
Approved 12/14/2007
Online Bill Pay



The following situations require contacting the billing department at 234-5672

  • If you are planning to move, please call to schedule a final water reading and to change your billing information.
  • If you need a larger or smaller garbage container, please call to request a different bin. There is a $10 charge for changing the size.
  • Contact the billing department with recycling questions or visit the:
Recycling Information Page

Application for Reduced Garbage Rates(income based and available to persons at least 65 years of age or persons on disability [as defined by the Social Security Administration])

Application for Deferral of Special Assessment

The City of Hutchinson also provides Organic Compost and Recycling Pickup. Compost questions should be referred to Creek Side Website or (320)587-6762.

Organic Compost and Recycling Information Pages

Missed pickup of garbage, recycling or compost bins please Utility Billing at (320)234-5672.

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